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Presence #2. My Son's Belongings

My Son's Belongings – 2009. Photo, variable size.

My Son's Belongings – 2007. Photo, variable size.

My Son's Belongings – 2004. Photo, variable size.

Recently, I was helping my son to organise things in his room. Suddenly, I saw that his belongings speak about his life in diferent periods. At the age of 19, he was interested in international youth culture, wore T-shirts with words printed in English, used a hair gel and listened to youth music. When he was 22, the picture has changed. During this period the majority of his things were related to his army service. Today he is 24. His life journey has led him towards exploring religion. All items from the previous lives are thrown on the top shelves in the closet. Now he is surrounded with objects and things related to religion. It is amazing just how our interests form our material environment.                                                                                                           Galina Bleikh, 2009



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