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Absence #4. Women in Masterpieces

Judith with Holophernes Head. Print, variable size, 2007. Limited Edition of 7.

This artwork is a contemporary reworking of the painting Judith Victorious by Lucas Cranach the Elder, made in 1530.
In this very modern re-interpretation of a classical artwork, Judith and the head of Holofernes are depicted as three-dimensional models reminiscent of characters in contemporary computer game imagery, and the scene through the window behind them is now that of the Holy Land in modern times.


Batteries not Included: Mind as Machine. Computer graphics, Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery, England.



The Whittingham Riddell Shrewsbury Open Art Exhibition 2007 Catalogue, UK, 2007

ARTSESSION. Catalogue. Studio Roz, Israel. 2007

Bat-Sheva (Karl Brullov). Print, variable size, 2007. Limited Edition of 7.

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