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Absence #25. Perelmania.The Topology of Bagel

My art project "Perelmania. The Topology of Bagel" is dedicated to the prominent modern mathematician Grigori Perelman and to his discoveries in the field of geometric topology, including that of the torus ("bagel"). The torus is a fascinating geometrical shape whose characteristics can serve as the basis for a model that describes the laws of the universe. I am also fascinated by the figure of Perelman himself: a man who is utterly fixated on his life's work, mathematics, and who has steadfastly rejected all extraneous things, such as prestigious cash awards and career opportunities.

I have created all the images of this series on the basis of the single public domain photograph of Perelman that is freely available on the Internet. If we create a composition out of several 3D models of "bagels" (tori) and "wrap" them with a map consisting of tiled photographs of Grigori Perelman, we will then create a "Perelman topology" of sorts, where the photographs themselves may be altered beyond recognition by the mapping algorithm.

My interest in the area of mathematics to which Perelman has contributed is no accident. As an artist working in the field of digital art, including 3D modeling, I interact with the topology of objects, since it is this topology that determines their visual characteristics. I also make use of the mathematical algorithms embedded in the 3D computer graphic applications. I am delighted by the endless variety of their visual possibilities and by the unexpected results they produce. For this reason, I describe the modern computer reality as my coauthor, and define the art created by the two of us as "hybrid" i.e., an art produced through a partnership between a human being and a computer.


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