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Presence #8. Souvenir of the Holy Land

Installation of a handful of land that has traveled the world and a series of documentary photographs of 1.20 m х 0.90 m each, fixed its presence in different cities of the world.
Pilgrims come to Israel from all over the world and to take with them a handful of the Holy Land as a souvenir.
The artist places such a “souvenir” in those places emblematic for history and culture – in the squares and streets of the megapolices of different countries. Each time planting the Israeli flag into the ground brought from Israel, the artist with this gesture confirms the status of the Holy Land. Collected in the cradle of so-called Judo-Christian civilization, when placed into the context of another realm, this handful of land acquires different, sometimes reverse meanings.
Interpretation of these meanings can clarify a great deal on the complicated relationship of the cultures in contemporary world. These simple installations work as an acid-test to determine the degree of acidity of the environment.

London. 2008

St. Petersburg. 2009


Chicago. 2011

Paris. 2012

New-York. 2012



  Copyright © Galina Bleikh, 2009